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Mode Machine is the biggest European Depeche Mode tribute from Italy.

The band
formed in 2018 starting from the idea and experience of keyboardist Salvatore Nigro co
founder together with one of the most experienced frontman and singer of this genre Marcello
Guitarist Simone Pavia joined the group as a primary presence alongside drummer Matteo
Quaranta both able to recreate the complex atmosphere and sound of Depeche Mode.
Our focus i s to recreate the original sound of the English band overwhe lming his own public with a
great sound impact.
We have been defined as a "transversal" band able to face European club stages, street parties,
more intimate clubs but also purely rock live club s and of course bigger stage s involving auditors
with their s hows
They already got the chance to play gigs in very important events in Italy, Germany, Austria,
Switzerland, Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia even in front of more than 3000 people.
Their strength is to "break the mold" to bring Depeche Mode eve rywhere among both the
"devotees" of the English band, and among those who want to dance and have fun with
Here are Mode Machine , gears of a machine of sound and passion, which in full respect for the
original band, will bring some of their quintess ence among you.

Nigro Salvatore : Keyboards, sequencers

Doglio Marcello: lead voice

Quaranta Matteo: drums

Pavia Simone: guitar / voice



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